Savage Tide 5e

Session 4

There Is No Honor, Part 4

The group moved swiftly through the Lotus Dragon's hideout, uncovering a secret dock and confronting the leader, a noblewoman named Rowyn Kellani.  Kellani escaped, but she left ample evidence of her criminal activities, the worst of which was the brutal murder of Councilman Keltar Islaren.  Her plan has been to move into Islaren's position as harbormaster and councilmember, and solidify her power using the Lotus Dragons.

Her partner and lover, Vanthus Vanderboren, was not found, but love letters he sent to Kellani detailed how he murdered his own parents in an effort to collect his inheritance so he could fund Kellani's plot.  A captured guildmember believed Vanthus went east on a mission for Kellani, to a place known as Kraken’s Cove, though no two people can seem to agree on its location.

The days following the events under the taxidermist’s hall have been no less eventful: Rowyn Kellani’s mother, Heldrath, petitioned the Council to have the PCs arrested for murder, but the evidence against Rowyn was solid; if Rowyn ever returns to Sasserine, she’ll be tried and likely executed for treason.  Heldrath’s petition was given minimum consideration before being dismissed.

The Dawn Council invited the group to a banquet and dance in their honor.  Each individual was presented with the Spire of Sasserine, a medal awarded to those who render great service to the city.  Wearing this medal in town garners special treatment and opens mouths: the group was inundated with all sorts of rumors and gossip.  Among the most interesting items:

  • Keltar Islaren’s post as harbormaster and seat on the Dawn Council are still open; no one knows who will take over the responsibilities, as Islaren’s children have either gone missing or show no interest in the job.
  • Preparation for the Wormfall Festival is underway; a few years ago a band of heroes from Cauldron prevented a lich named Kyuss from attaining divinity, and their victory is celebrated every year.
  • The Kellani estate has been closed; no one is admitted to the manor, though people report cat-sized winged creatures flitting in and out in the night.
  • Drozor the Mighty is assembling a crew to take on pirates.



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