Savage Tide 5e

Session 7

The Bullywug Gambit, Part 1

The group had tracked their enemy, Vanthus Vanderboren, to Kraken’s Cove, a haven for pirates.  The creatures in the jungle surrounding the cove had been transformed into twisted abominations that savagely attacked everything in sight.  Things weren’t any better at the cove: ships burned in the harbor, and the caves were filled with the sounds of madness and murder.

The party searched cavern by cavern, finding twisted men and their grizzly leavings.  Amidst the horrors, they discovered some interesting things: the shell of a glassy fist-sized sphere in the center of a barren crater; a poisoner’s workshop whose occupant seems to have fallen afoul of his own dangerous plant; and an enchanted sword whose previous owner died fighting, surrounded by his very fine worldly possessions.

Perhaps most intriguing was the discovery of Rowyn Kellani, the guildmistress of the Lotus Dragons.  Though transformed by whatever affected this area, she was clearly recognizable.  Surely, her lover and co-conspirator Vanthus must be close by.

But before they could advance their quest any further, they had to deal with the stranger they discovered fighting a horde of savage pirates.  The immediate danger had been dispatched, but she eyed the group warily, keeping her bloody sword positioned between them and her.

She growled: “Who be you, and what be yer business with the Crimson Fleet?”



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