Savage Tide 5e

Session 8

The Bullywug Gambit, Part 2

Harliss Javell, a Crimson Fleet captain, was the sole survivor of the massacre at Kraken’s Cove.  Through healing and diplomacy, the group helped her to relax and recount the events of the past few hours.

Vanthus Vanderboren had been at the Cove under false pretenses.  He attempted to steal a fist-sized black pearl, but was caught red-handed by Javell.  They fought, and in the process, he dropped the pearl to the beach.  It fizzled, emitting foaming acid, then exploded in a green cloud of savage madness.

Many creatures, pirates and animals alike, were instantly twisted into abominable forms; those who resisted the transformation were quickly killed by the monsters.  Vanthus somehow managed to slip away in the chaos, but Javell had a plan for him.  She dispatched her first mate, a half-orc named Devoraz, to recruit a friendly bullywug tribe and slaughter the entire Vanderboren household.

The group convinced Javell that Lavinia was innocent of her brother’s deeds.  Perhaps feeling remorse, the pirate captain wrote instructions for Devoraz, and instructed the group to present it to her first mate along with one of her marlith earrings.  Then Javell left Kraken’s Cove, heading deeper into the jungle.

Immeral skillfully led the group on a four-day trek through the swamps.  They emerged, muddy but unharmed, and entered Sasserine.  The city was in the throes of the Festival of Worms, and the group had to contend with rowdy revelers, runaway parade floats, and assassins seemingly sent by Rowyn Kellani.

They found Lavinia safe in the manor; they had successfully outraced Devoraz and the bullywugs, but the threat still loomed.  Lavinia summoned the Jade Ravens, a small adventuring group whose membership was constantly evolving, but who had served the Vanderborens for years.  Everyone readied themselves for an attack, hoping Devoraz could be reached and reasoned with first, but knowing that bloodshed may be unavoidable.

The next morning, the call came from one of the Jade Ravens downstairs: “They’re coming from the basement!”



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