Vanthus Vanderboren

Wanted Dead or Alive


Vanthus Vanderboren is a minor noble from Sasserine. His relationship with another noble, Roywn Kellani, led him to murder his parents. He had expected to inherit their fortune, which he would have used to fund his lover’s illicit activities in Sasserine’s underworld. When he discovered his sister Lavinia was the sole inheritor, he secretly borrowed thousands of gold from various businesses and individuals, then recruited a few adventurous-types to help him recover the key to his family’s vault from an impounded ship.

Vanthus later betrayed and attempted to kill the adventurers who helped him recover the key when they started asking questions. They survived and went on to uncover Kellani’s plot, shattering her guild and forcing her to flee the city.

Vanthus next appeared in Kraken’s Cove, when he attempted to steal from the Crimson Fleet. Instead, he triggered a magical device that swept through the jungle, savagely twisting man and animal into deformed, murderous creatures. He apparently escaped, and his whereabouts are currently unknown.


Vanthus Vanderboren

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